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Default what's with peanuts?

Pamela wrote:
On 21:40 10 Feb 2019, Ed Pawlowski wrote:

On Sun, 10 Feb 2019 20:45:57 GMT, Pamela

Many people enjoy a BBQ but, in my experience, they are fooling
themselves if they think they're getting better tasting food.

Maybe the event, the commotion, the smoke, the inevitable alcohol, the
socialising, perhaps a pool, the outdoors air, etc takes their mind off
the sometimes indifferent, and perhaps not well cooked, food.

I have had some good BBQs but the taste of the same food would very
often be better, in absolute terms, cooked in a kitchen.

Perhaps you've only had mediocre foods. If you try a nicely cooked
Spatchcocked chicken or a rib eye on the rotisseries or brisket from
the smoker you may see some foods can be better.

Even a natural casing hot dog is better off the grill than anything
you can do in the house.

Again, many other things are just personal preference. You can make
excellent corn on the cob in the microwave, but the corn off the grill
is very different. You may prefer one over the other.

I have had some good BBQ food but it is not as common as I would like.
Usually there is either undercooked or burnt meat arriving in an ad-hoc way.
Side dishes are chosen as an expediency rather than matched to the grill
meat. Quantities are variable and actual cooking quality is hit and miss.

It's all jolly knockabout stuff, especially if you have a liking for camping,
and it can be a great fun event -- but not for its high class cuisine.

All this would be okay except for those BBQ enthusiasts, who have bought all
the fancy equipment and comandeer the event, who genuinely and sincerely
assure you its the best food you will ever taste. Ha!

You're right about the side dishes ... often crap like canned pork and
beans, sometimes potato salad, and don't forget the disgusting gummy
white buns or rolls.

I guess the meat and beer is supposed to be the main attraction.
Sometimes I get lucky when someone makes some really good potato salad.

One thing you forgot; in addition to undercooked stuff, there is also
the occasional tough or stringy meat, usually but not always caused by
bargain meat.

Even so, it can still be fun if you enjoy the company. Not every meal
needs to be the King's vittles.