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Default what's with peanuts?

Pamela wrote:
On 19:10 10 Feb 2019, Ed Pawlowski wrote:

On 2/10/2019 12:18 PM, Pamela wrote:

I agree. A barbeque can be fun but it rarely produces better food than
cooked indoors.

Better is just opinion. Both can produce excellent food and they are

Many people enjoy a BBQ but, in my experience, they are fooling themselves
if they think they're getting better tasting food.

Maybe the event, the commotion, the smoke, the inevitable alcohol, the
socialising, perhaps a pool, the outdoors air, etc takes their mind off
the sometimes indifferent, and perhaps not well cooked, food.

I have had some good BBQs but the taste of the same food would very often be
better, in absolute terms, cooked in a kitchen.

No one would say the actual food at a picnic is better than at a dining
table but the event and its setting probably compensates. Same for a BBQ.

Probably true. I know lots of guys that proudly make bbq that is waay
too smoked. Tastes like drippings from an old stove pipe of a wood
burning stove. With smoke, more is not always better.

Some do get it just right, and if they also got a decent piece of meat
to begin with, it can be excellent.