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Default Chef Boyardee Throwback

"Dave Smith" wrote in message
On 2019-02-08 11:19 a.m., songbird wrote:
Julie Bove wrote:
Anyone tried the Throwback stuff?

no, we ate them once in a while as a kid, but
not since then.

it's really not very hard to do better cooking
your own.

We at canned pasta when we were kids. There were not a large Italian
community in the country at the time, certainly not in our small town, and
Chef Boy R D and Heinz were the only pasta we knew. Haven't touched the
stuff in more than 50 years.

My mom made spaghetti but it was horrible. She made the sauce from a packet.
It separated into pink watery stuff and red lumps. At the time, the only
pasta we ever had in the house besides canned was spaghetti, macaroni or egg
noodles. I do remember having canned alphabet soup. So alphabet noodles
might have been available but my mom preferred packets to scratch cooking so
she never would have made such a soup.