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Default Honey score in the cupboard

On 2019-02-02 3:17 p.m., dsi1 wrote:
On Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 6:14:00 AM UTC-10, Dave Smith

My father in law used to eat more honey than anyone I have ever
known. He would tear of a bite sized pieces of toast and put a
spoonful of honey on each one. At one time we estimated that he ate
two pounds of honey per week. He used to buy it by the case. I
certainly don't doubt someone who raises bees would have 9 quarts
of it on hand.

I knew a guy that was addicted to bee venom. He would sting himself
several times a day. He said he did that for arthritis. I can't say
if he was ever diagnosed with arthritis but the time that I knew him,
he was fine. He had stopped the "treatments" by then. He was a world
class bee sting artist and was responsible for the deaths of
thousands and thousands of bees.

I take some solace in the knowledge that any bee that ever stung me paid
the ultimate price for the privilege. Maybe the reason he was never
diagnosed with arthritis was because he had had all those preventative
stings. I have heard that stinging nettles is also good for arthritis,
but I will need more proof before I try it.