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Default A Short Manifesto on Wine

On 1/12/19 7:03 PM, DaleW wrote:
On Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 6:47:18 PM UTC-5, DaleW wrote:

3. The role of the winemaker is to bring forth those first three factors
rather than imprinting the wine with a "house style."

Ok thinking further I guess I'd qualify my agreement with this one (your second "3" )
There are quite few producers I love who have definite "house styles" (whether based on stem inclusion, barrel choices, harvesting choices, or whatever) - Dujac, Fourrier, the Cotats, Ridge, and many others. While I think all of these producers reflect grape, locale, and vintage, I do think they all certainly have distinct house styles that are sometimes easier to spot blind than say vintage.

And of course I can love NV Champagne in the house styles I prefer (Taittinger over Krug for me)

Hah! There was a little voice in my head when I wrote that one saying
"but you love the wines of Dujac!" I do confess that my love for Ridge
has diminished for just this reason, but -- yes -- there are those
producers whose house style I don't find offputting. And, yes,
Champagne is always the big exception. These days, though, I do tend to
gravitate to grower Champagnes. It's not entirely clear to me yet
whether they have such rigid house styles as the big houses.

Mark Lipton

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