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Default A Short Manifesto on Wine

After some thought, here are what I consider to be the principal
considerations when it comes to what I look for in wine.

1. Wine should reflect its place of origin. If a particular wine
tastes like it could come from California, Italy, Spain or Chile, I am
not interested, no matter how well made.

2. Wine should reflect the grape(s) it's made from. Pinot Noir should
have a taste distinct from that of Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc shouldn't
be easily mistaken for Chardonnay. Wine should showcase the distinct
character of each grape.

3. Wine should reflect the year that it's made. Each year is unique,
and the wine produced in that year should reflect those differences.
Put another way, not every year is a "great" year and even off years can
produce interesting and attractive wines.

3. The role of the winemaker is to bring forth those first three factors
rather than imprinting the wine with a "house style."

4. The wine should be capable of pairing with food. Wines that are
excessively alcoholic or deficient in acid rarely interact well with
food. While they may be acceptable as aperitifs or digestifs, that's
not how I usually consume wine.

5. Vive la difference! Depending on the place, grape and year, a wine
could be dry, off-dry or sweet. It's up to me as the consumer to decide
what kinds of wine I want; wines shouldn't try to conform to some
perception of my own preferences.

6. Wine should be an everyday beverage, so not every wine I buy is
intended to be an earth-shattering experience. There is room in my
cellar for simple, honest, ready-to-drink wines in addition to wines
destined to be "great."

I post these preferences mostly as a starting point for discussion. Do
you subscribe to these views? Do you have additional factors you
consider? Do you have entirely different views?

Mark Lipton
Europhilic palate-at-large

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