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Default Does CBD Really Do Anything?

Thanks, Greg. I've recently been put on gabapentin, which does help my chronic insomnia, but doesn't do much for pain. Even though I grew up in the 60s, I've never done drugs or even smoked pot, but I intend to before I leave this earth. NH hasn't legalized recreational pot yet, but we do have a medicinal pot store down the street.
Beside other painful conditions, I have costochondritis, which is an inflamed rib cage. Rheumatologist says no painkiller will touch it, so far he's right. Standing for more than ten minutes kills me. Chopping veggies or washing dishes is getting almost impossible. It feels like pleurisy, but isn't. Oh well, we all have our health issues.

I'll be making Canadian pork pies and gorton tomorrow, so I'll do the chopping today and the assembly and cooking tomorrow. I don't intend to give up my favorite foods because of this stupid condition.

Denise in NH