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Default Does CBD Really Do Anything?

On Sunday, December 30, 2018 at 8:17:55 AM UTC-6, Cindy Hamilton wrote:
On Sunday, December 30, 2018 at 8:19:19 AM UTC-5, Ophelia wrote:
"Cindy Hamilton" wrote in message

One thing it does appear to do is interfere with metabolism of various
drugs, including antidepressants, resulting in higher-than-expected levels
of those drugs in the blood stream.

I take quite a lot of drugs for Asthma. Any idea if that would be a

Probably not. My husband also has asthma, and he's just applied for
his medical marijuana card. His doctor knows what he takes for
asthma and saw no contraindications. Here's a rather wonky slide show
on drug interactions: g%20Interactions_0.pdf

It starts getting good at about Slide 11.

I've been researching medical marijuana. In the U.S., CBD oil is in
kind of a regulatory grey area, and a lot of its potency depends on
the manufacturer. You can get various levels of alleged potency; with or
without THC (which is the stuff that gets you high).

Cindy Hamilton

I had heard it helps with sleep. Did that come up in your
research? I sleep very badly and wondered if that would be of use.


Yes, it did come up in my research, and it can help some people with

Cindy Hamilton

Very good Cindy. Yes, humans and other mammals I believe have this subtle internal metabolic regulatory system that's not even in the medical textbooks yet! The ENDOcannabinoid System! Anatomists years ago named certain neuroreceptor sites as "cannbinoid receptors" but it was not until the 1990's that scientists reasoned that normally nothing evolves an innate system to interact ONLY with an external plant! There is normally some endogenous system an external plant happens to also trigger!

And now we KNOW what those endogenous systems are!

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