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Default Tomato- The Super Food For Diabetics

On 11/17/18 9:24 PM, noorj wrote:
Regardless of whether eaten uncooked or prepared, tomatoes are filled
with lycopene. This a strong substance that could reduce the danger of
most cancers (especially prostate cancer), cardiovascular disease, and
macular deterioration.

Like additional non-starchy fruit, tomatoes possess a low GI position.

One research in 2011 discovered that two hundred grams associated with
raw tomato (or regarding 1. 5 moderate tomatoes) every day reduced
bloodstream pressure in individuals with type two diabetes. Researchers
came to the conclusion tomato consumption may help reduce the cardio
risk thats related to type two diabetes.

Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average [Includes USDA commodity
food A238, A233]

1 cup sliced or diced:
Glycemic load 2
carbs 7.1 g
fiber 2.2 g
calories 32.4 kcal

Very diabetic friendly.

Some comments:
1) lycopene is not available from tomatoes, unless you cook them,
so eat some raw and some cooked. I make my own tomato sauce.

2) heart disease and T2 are do the inflammatory nature of consuming
high glycemic carbs. This would be all the things that we humans
have hybridized to achieve glycemic level in plants that do
not occur in nature.

3) Keep you glycemic Load under 15 per day and you can achieve this
with or without tomatoes

4) Keep in mind that T2 is an injury, not a disease. It is caused
by carbohydrate poisoning. Unless of course you consider a
broken bone a disease, then more power to you.

5) high glycemic carbs are extremely addictive. If yo don't kick
the addiction and use drugs to remain addicted, you are
committing suicide on the installment program and making
a bunch of allopaths (chemical doctors) very wealthy in the
process. Allopathic drugs are by definition controlled dosages
of poisons. They have their place, but not over a long term.
Poisoning yourself to reduce a number on a test trip from
another poison (high glycemic cards) is just adding insult
to injury. You need to kick the addiction or you will die.
(Took me about three weeks.)

Anyone interested in becoming drug free, just ping me int he subject
line and I will send yo a short write up.