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Default Guittard L'Harmonie chocolate bar.

Hi Chocolate Fanciers,
Guittard L'Harmonie chocolate bar.
75 mg of 64% Cacoa Semisweet chocolate bar
with Floral Aromatics and Tart Fruit Notes
Blend #29. They say two serving but I get
four with a quarter of the bar for only
100 calories.

Guittard has been in business in the
San Francisco Bay Area since 1868 and their
chocolate bars are among the finest in the

bobbie sellers Chocolate Powered!

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the beans of cacao that the thoughts acquire speed,
the thighs acquire girth, the girth become a warning.
It is by theobromine alone I set my mind in motion."

--from Someone else's Dune spoof ripped to my taste.