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Default psoriasis and diet

On 03/19/2018 12:10 PM, Katie66 wrote:
I have been dealing with psoriasis for almost 4 years now... and while
it's been a very difficult time I am not giving up nor I ever will stop
looking for a real cure. I have tried everything - light therapy, drugs,
steroids, natural cosmetics and every other available treatment. But
nothing brings a permanent relief... I didn't believe in diet for
psoriasis and actually I am still a bit skeptical however, it doesn't
hurt to try I guess. I found here there are
natural ways to treat psoriasis when you ear certain natural products.
Have any of you tried special "psoriasis diet"? Did it work? What do you
recommend?* I hear that apple cider vinegar can help with Psoriasis.

This itchy skin is driving me crazy not to mention it looks very bad. I
cannot go to the beach or expose myself to sunlight. Thanks.*

Go Paleo and/or Primal. Make ALL your own food, as
much organic or wild as you can.

PETROLEUM IN THEM! If you ABSOLUTELY have to, use Organic
Sunflower oil, but get your self off that too.

That steroid cream you have been smearing on is carried in
Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and I don't care if it is USP!

It takes 90 days for your skin to turn over and unload the
toxins you have been smearing all over it. It may take
three turn overs, so don't lose hope.

Ever wonder why males faces don't wrinkle anywhere near what
females do? Hint: IT IS THE FREAKIN' LOTIONS!!!

Good luck.