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Kate Connally
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"Jessica V." wrote:

Today was apple picking, a half bushel of sweet/tart MacIntosh apples.
The orchard is one that friends of my parents owned when I was a child,
lots of memories there, running down into the orchard to pick an apple
for a snack, talking to the migrant Jamaican apple pickers, hide and
seek, apple fights (ouch), my brother peeing on the electric
fence...typical kid stuff. ;0) But what I remembered most about the
orchard were a few trees with some unusual varieties of apples, sadly
those trees are now gone. The tree that produced "cannonballs" apples
weighing over 20 ounces each is gone too, two were enough for a pie.

So far, I've made two apple crisps with my grandmother's recipe. Yeah,
yeah, I know Macs are for eating not cooking, but I like how they cook up.

Me, too! Plus I love the flavor of Macs so I use
them for just about everything. No other apple can
match the flavor. And they have a much better texture
than most other apples. I hate grainy apples.

My sister and I are headed up to VT in a few weeks.
I'm looking forward to going to the Cold Hollow
Cider Mill to get some cider. They use mostly Macintosh.
Macs make *the* best cider!


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