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Default Boiling or simmering raw sausage links

On Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 8:11:42 PM UTC-5, wrote:

If they're Italian sausages I always poke holes in the casings to let
a lot of the fat drain out. What kind are you cooking?

Not sure yet. I am a prepper more than a cook. For example, sometimes I'll buy a bucket of Wendy's chile and add things to it. I will saute onion, green pepper, jalapeno, mushrooms, and roma tomatoes in olive oil then add it to the bucket of chile. I will make some rice to last 6 days, same as the chile mix will last, and I will eat it every day. I also broil or buy pre cooked chicken or pork at Whole Foods to cut up a bit and add to the mix each day. I am not touting Wendy's chile, but I used that recipe of mine as an example of my prepping method. Some people say they can't eat the same thing 6 days in a row, yet they eat sausage or bacon with eggs every day. I like the prepping method. If a mistake is made and things don't turn out so good it's just for one day. The base, which is the chile or the beans I'll make, that will be good and will be used every day, but what is added can be switched up day to day. I like the prepping method.

I want to saute a similar spice mix for the beans and boiled or simmered sausage. As to what kind I'm using, I think I'll go with sweet Italian. But I also like regular pork sausage. I agree about poking holes in. I am not anti fat, anti sugar, anti salt, or any of that - but I do like to keep it to a minimum sometimes. Like when I make the Wendy's mix, I know there's a lot of salt in it, so I don't add any.

I will poke holes in the sausage. I want the casings on. But my question is, at a low simmer, how long should I cook the sausage? Also, when the mix is made and put in the fridge to be brought out each day I put it in a bowl and add some rice in the middle, on top, and put a paper towel over it and microwave it for 3 minutes or so. So I don't think I'll have to cook the sausage to death. So, in your opinion, what is a safe time for cooking the raw sausage? Every day when the bean and veggie mix is brought out I add however much sausage I want to the individual plate, I don't put it in all at once. I gauge what I eat. My uncle used to call me "the measuring man."

Thanks for your response and any to come after this. Yes, I think I'll be using Italian sweet sausage or regular pork, uncooked of course, and they will be thick juicy ones, not the small links.