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Default Tilia FoodSaver parts

On Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 4:37:12 PM UTC-8, wrote:
It appears that the Tilia line of food vacs are throwaway items.
They'll give you some % off a new unit ... or possibly repair/replace
with a remanufactured unit for $50 .. if you're lucky.

Does anyone know of a third party supplier of parts for the Tilia
FoodSaver line of food vacs? Sometimes the dinkiest item can prompt
the 'throwaway' option. What a waste!

I'm looking to replace the teflon heat strip 15" X3/8" Ebay won't send it to Canada and its exactly what I need. I called FoodSaver Customer Service Support 1-800-777-5452 and they told me its time to buy a new machine. They don't have replacement parts.