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Default Hamburger buns

On 3/2/2014 5:30 PM, [email protected] wrote:
Anyone have any hints on how to make decent hamburger buns?
Can't find my Juliete Childs' Baking cookbook.
I think it is mainly a reduction in fat.
As long as I'm at about those addicting Cibatta buns?

New to the group - but not to baking .

I use my regular white bread ( trying it as half-wheat today !)
recipe , weight the dough out into 75 gram portions . Bake 'em on a 12"
x 15" expanded mesh grilling rack from Walmart - the light cheap ones -
covered with foil that's sprayed with cooking oil . My recipe makes ~900
grams of dough , yielding a dozen buns per batch . Hot dog buns the same
except 60 grams and yields 15 buns - 3 rows of 5 buns each , and there's
a batch in the bread machine (mix and knead only) right now .

Just checked the first batch , 2 1lb loaves , and looks like one fell
just a bit . Not to worry , I figgered there'd be some adjustments .
I'll post my white bread and adjusted recipes if anyone wants them .



Or maybe not , I just realized I'm responding to a post from March of
2014 ...