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Default TN: Weekend wines - Corsica, Burg, Loire, & more

Betsy was working late Friday, I had dinner ready when she arrived. A few oysters, then sauteed scallops, baby bok choy, and snow peas. Wine was 2014 Adalia Soave. Fresh, lightly grassy, some nutty notes, a touch dilute. B-/C+

Sat AM we decided to have folks over that night, figured wed invite 3 couples and 1 or 2 would be free, all were so leaf into table. My shucking glove and knife were still out, so we started with oysters, as well as some taramasalata and baba ganoush. The NV Gatinois Ay Grand Cru Champagne Brut Reserve is quite elegant, with apple , smoke and brioche in a midbodied package with an elegant mousse. Maybe just a tad sweeter than my ideal. B+

Cooking wines:

2016 Berger Gruner Veltliner
Hint of spritz, light, spicy, fresh. Good QPR at $11/liter on closeout. B

2015 La Vieille Ferme blanc
As always, dependable and clean, melon with moderate acids, spice. B/B-

First course was mushroom risotto, using a great assortment I had found at farmers market (shiitake, yellow & grey oyster, velvet pioppini, lion's mane,crimini, plus one I couldnt identify) as some duck stock Id made night before.

1988 Gelin and Molin €śClos du Chapitre€ť Fixin 1er
Man, stinky nose of caramel and poop. I told the Anthony Hanson quote, but doubted this was great Burgundy. Its not but it is alive Burgundy, nose calms down, some black cherry and mushroom on palate. Midbodied, still a touch of tannin, pleasant enough in a rustic style. B

2008 Camus-Bruchon Savigny-les-Beaune
Young, sappy and red black cherry, citrus zest, tangy acids, touch of tannin, tasty. B+

Then came Ottolenghi recipe of shrimp, clams, & scallops in a tomato sauce with Bulgarian feta, as well as asparagus in vinaigrette

2012 Abbatucci €śGeneral of the Revolution€ť blanc
Much as I enjoy the Abbatucci reds, I think its the whites I really love. Unusual and distinctive. Citrus and pit fruits, a nice touch of bitterness, chalky minerality, long finish. A-

2014 Bouchard €śLes Clous€ť Meursault
Less oak than I expect from Bouchard, plump almost tropical fruits, but some decent acids.B

2015 Villalin Quincy
Citrus, gooseberry, hint of grass. Balanced and fresh. B+

Salad, cheeses, and berries, along with a dessert wine
2008 Artemisa Late Harvest Muscat d'Alexandria (500 ml)-Chile
Canned peaches/fruit cocktail, some acids but cloying any way, overreaching musky floralness. Not a fan. C

Betsy had a concert Sunday afternoon at Tenri Center (with cool program, including commissioned piece with koto and shakuhachi) but I needed to go to benefit concert for my group (good jazz quintet). But I was home first, and prepped for her to do stirfry (turkey, mushrooms, red pepper, sugar snap peas) over soba. Wine was the NV Pinon Touraine rose bubbly, cherry and strawberry, stony mineral notes, orange zest, touch of sweetness. Fun wine, and went well with dish. B+/B

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.