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Default GYO Seed bank does not respect your privacy Nor keep your personal details secure.

GYO Seedbank does not respect your privacy or keep your personal
details secure. They are shameless spammers and you cannot unsubscribe
from their mail list. Their mailing list came straight from Bonza
Seed's customer database. They may say that they will delete your
details (IF you can elicit a response at all) but the spam keeps right
on coming. They are dishonest in a variety of ways and cannot be

Any customer of Bonza/GYO Seeds no longer has control of who has their
personal details or the records of what they have purchased.

The people behind Bonza/GYO/Demon Seeds/Pick & Mix are unethical.
Previous and existing customers should be made aware of the risk these
linked companies present.

GYO Seedbank is connected to Bonza Seeds, Demon Seeds and Pick & Mix.
The people involved are all U.K based.

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