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Default 2007 Gravner Ribolla

2007 Gravner Ribolla ****

I brought this home after a visit to the winery. I was really in awe standing on top of those 6 feet amforas in the ground. it was like a grave wine. 6 feet under, and the name is "grav-ner" and the label looks like a doom death metal band. The wine is dark amber and crystal clear ( opposite Radikon that is unfiltered). It is very polished (again opposite the wild radikon).. The cork smelled like a barolo cork. The wine was tannic, I had cooled it a bit, but I let it get back to room temperature, where is started to have flavour. and you wont guess it , it reminded me of barolo meets simple whiskey (not smoky peaty whiskey, but more like chivas regal). For kicks, I tried put it in my black blind tasting glass which enhanced the perception of it being barolo. Behind the tannins there is earth, licorice, forest floor, unripe berries. fresh acid. Day 2 still tannic, no change.