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Default TN: Sancerre, Graves blanc, and Etna (maybe)

On Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 7:01:31 PM UTC-4, greybeard wrote:
On 15/04/16 06:13, Michael Nielsen wrote:

I read that its difficult if not impossible to match wine with tomatoes. what's your take on that?

Im as far as realizing that the kind of wine I normally drink doesnt work. But Pouilly fume does.

Tomato match:: Kiwi Sav Blanc (or its imitators). Purrfect!

Yes, tomatoes aren't easiest match but far from impossible. I think with fresh/raw tomatoes it's generally useless trying to counter the acidity, you have to go with it, best matches are high acid whites (and agree that SB, Melon, Gruner do better than even high acid Chards). Long cooked tomatoes are far easier.