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Default Costco finds

notbob wrote:
> On 2016-02-28, Nancy Young > wrote:
> > I'm not what you'd call a fan of pancakes. I can take them or leave
> > them, mostly leave. Never mind buy a mix. But these Kodiak Cakes
> > grabbed my attention, whole wheat power cakes.

> I don't eat pancakes often, but I do enjoy a good buttermilk pancake
> made with Southern flour (Martha White, White Lily). I jes recently
> noticed our local sprmkt now carries White Lily flour (w00t!). I hope to
> compare White Lily to the organic pastry flour I get from my health
> food store. Gotta buy some real maple surple, first.

I love pancakes but rarely make them. why?
Anyway, just use plain all-purpose flour and either
real maple syrup or even Log Cabin. I have both and I like both.