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On Tue, 05 Jan 2016 20:18:00 -0800, wrote:

I don't know exactly when I fell away from checking the
newsgroup....seems like just a few months but it's been a few
years....time does fly when you are distracted. seems like theres a
far smaller info to spam ratio here nowadays....I think that's what
first started pushing me away to other forums and things...

Mostly a bunch of wannabee trolls here now, occasionally pretending to post
signal. But hey can't keep it up for more than a day or three, and then they get
all giggly with the fun and excitement of posting something silly. Nothing a
killfile won't sort with a keypress. (Or the librarian catches them posting form
the public computers, and sends them back home.)

But yeah, a lot of the regulars are gone and no longer even lurking. Also,
because the newbies are off in forums and facebook and places like that. But
you, sir, are an OldFart because you use news, and a PC, and a keyboard, and not
a smartphone!

Anyway, hope all the other old timers who I communed with on this list
are still around here somewhere....I totally appreciate all of the
great lessons I learned here about how to cook a great hunk of meat...

A few lurk, sometimes...

Wouldn't call myself an oldtimer as far as bbq goes, but I have used this group
to shorten the learning curve over a few years. And yeah, pulling some beef ribs
from smoke and heat and finding the "hey, these are sooo done, but why are they
pink" smoke ring feels and tastes goood...

Thomas Prufer