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Default ping Ian: secret ingredient

"T" wrote in message ...
On 08/16/2015 08:50 AM, Ian Field wrote:

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On 08/15/2015 01:10 PM, Ian Field wrote:

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Hi Ian,

If you haven't done you soup/broth test in your slow
cooker, in addition to your vegi's, toss in a dried
Chimayo (New Mexico Red) chili pepper. Break off the
end and pour out the seeds, or it will be very hot.

Now I'm wondering what mischief I can get up to with a pile of hot
chilli seeds!


Grind them up! Throw the powder on your lawn. It
makes a excellent cat repellent.

Apparently; if you spice the food put out for the birds - it stops the
squirrels pinching it.

Perfect! I read that birds are not affected by hot peppers.
This one I have got to remember!

Cats don't like the oil in orange peel - I believe there's commercial
cat repellents based on that.

When I first bought this house, a section of my rocks in my front
yard was a cat toilet. So I racked back the rocks, put down
the nastiest cayenne pepper I could find, then racked the rocks
back over it. No more cat poo in my yard ever since.

Pray tell, how do you rack a rock? And why would a cat go poo on rocks?

When the cat clears an area to do his deed, he gets the
powder on his paws. This burn him. So, he sticks his
paw into his mouth. Now his mouth burns. Next thing you
know "Mr. Darcey" makes that loud cat noise, off he goes,
and he NEVER comes back. And, it does not permanent damage
to Mr. Darcey. This is the origin of the term "Cat's Tongue",
meaning you have no tolerance for hot spices.

That is so very mean!