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Default ping Ian: secret ingredient

"T" wrote in message ...
On 08/08/2015 01:12 PM, Ian Field wrote:

"T" wrote in message
Hi Ian,

If you haven't done you soup/broth test in your slow
cooker, in addition to your vegi's, toss in a dried
Chimayo (New Mexico Red) chili pepper. Break off the
end and pour out the seeds, or it will be very hot.

It is like adding MSG (flavor enhancer) without the
chemicals (excitotoxins) and the delayed headache.

There was a time I liked hot spicy food - these days it wreaks a
terrible revenge next day!


Can you take a "tiny" amount?

The idea is to put only a little in such that the change is
almost not perceptible. It just accelerated the flavors from
the other ingredients. A kind of non-toxic MSG.

I like the Chimayo peppers the best as they are full of
flavor, not just nasty heat like a lot of the others.
Mind you, a Chimayo can be nasty hot too if you don't dump
the seeds and you don't eat it with something with a lot
of fat. Chimayo is the flavor in an enchilada.

Chimayo is the flavor in an enchilada? What kind of enchilada? There are
many kinds and many sauces. So I just am not buying that.