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: Hi Ian,
: If you haven't done you soup/broth test in your slow
: cooker, in addition to your vegi's, toss in a dried
: Chimayo (New Mexico Red) chili pepper. Break off the
: end and pour out the seeds, or it will be very hot.
: Now I'm wondering what mischief I can get up to with a pile of
: chilli seeds!
: Chuckle!
: Grind them up! Throw the powder on your lawn. It
: makes a excellent cat repellent.
: Apparently; if you spice the food put out for the birds - it stops
: squirrels pinching it.
: Perfect! I read that birds are not affected by hot peppers.
: This one I have got to remember!
: That's what I have been told, but I live in a flat with no garden and
: opportunity to try it out.
: Do you have a patio? You could get a tomato in a pot. I have
: found cherry Tomatoes are best for this.
: Someone dumped a sack of potatoes in the bin room that had started to
: sprout roots - I cast a few along the hedgerow behind the flats to
: out whether they take.
: Potatoes are not real good for Diabetics. Does Chayote grow out
: (It doesn't here.) It likes to vine all over things. Chayotes are
: Diabetic friendly.

: If I had a patio/balcony - I could put a bird table out there.

: The sprouting potatoes were just another thing to seed the hedgerow
with -
: often when I take my rubbish down, I find people have left punnets of
: on top of the bins, sometimes I chuck them in the hedgerow in case the
: might grow.

If those potatos actually take and produce more potatos you can always
either give thenm to your neighbors or donate them to the ocal food bank
for the poor adn hungry.

The exercise of planting addd picking them as well as ay weedign and
tendiing will be a godsend for your diabetes, helping keep the numbers

I'd get some funny looks if I started tending the hedgerow behind the
flats - its just an experiment to see what grows, I have no control over who
helps themselves to any produce.

I keep a little tub for the pips/pits from any fruit I have, there's a line
of woods along a cycle track I use every day - that's been seeded with quite
a variety over the past few years.