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Default And one more jerky!

All together now - GREEN CHILE JERKY!!!!!


Carne Seca, or Mexican Beef Jerky, is a very popular delicacy. It has a
distinct flavor that makes it very different when compared to those made
in other parts of the world. This flavor comes from the specific method
where and how it is prepared.
We spin most of the blood out and then marinate the beef in our special
recipe for 24 hours.
Because most of the moisture is removed, the jerky is shelf stable and
can be stored without refrigeration for more than a year. Our new
high-density bags allow us to nitrogen flush the oxygen out of the bag,
helping to eliminate the growth of mold.

New Mexico Foods - Your Number One Source of Carne Seca

Flavors of Carne Seca Available from New Mexico Foods

Here at New Mexico Foods, you will find our low fat Carne Seca Beef
Jerky being offered in four flavorful, delicious, and nutritious
flavors. We ship nationwide and to APO's.

Green Chile - The green chile we use comes from Hatch, New Mexico. It
has a mild to warm, but definitely great taste.

Red Chile - If you want a little more bite to your Carne Seca than what
the green chile flavor has to offer, this is the right flavor for you.

Black Pepper - Those who love the special taste of peppered Carne Seca
will definitely want to stock up on the Black Pepper flavor.

Original - Enjoy the great taste of range-fed beef through the original

Ingredients Used in Manufacturing Our Carne Seca Products

Our low fat Carne Seca Beef Jerky products are made from only the best
ingredients that are sure to benefit your health. Aside from using only
round eye beef, we also use water, garlic, and salt as the main
ingredients. Depending on the flavor of the product you will choose, the
other ingredients you can expect are red chile, green chile, or black
pepper. The red chile has a little more bite compared to the green
flavor, but if you want a more special peppered taste, you should go for
the black pepper flavor.