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Default one of the last three Howard Johnson's closes

On 4/25/2015 8:25 PM, Julie Bove wrote:

"Mark Thorson" wrote in message
The Radio Shack of restaurants is circling
the drain.

I just saw one yesterday out towards Tacoma! I can't say for sure what
city we were in at the time when we drove past it but it was out that
way/ I was astounded as I thought they all had closed.

The only thing astounding here is your relentless stupidity.

The HoJo's referred to in the NPR is one of the last of the original
stand-alone RESTAURANTS. The HoJo's down by Tacoma is part of the
HOTEL/MOTEL/MOTOR LODGE chain, which was separated from the restaurants
and run as a separate entity (but with a common name) decades ago.

But please, keep up with the stupidity. You are your own best parody,
you brainless dumbass.