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Default Biscotti problem

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On Mon, 02 Feb 2004 18:25:58 GMT, "Anny Middon"

Before Christmas I made a biscotti recipe from the booklet that came with my
new Cuisinart food processor. The resulting cookies (these were the
twice-baked "dunker" style of biscotti) had great flavor and texture, but
when I sliced the baked log it fell apart somewhat, leaving me with quite a
few broken cookies. I baked them anyway, but it was a bit disappointing.

A couple of weeks ago, I made two other biscotti recipes, again using my
food processor to mix the dough. Again I had problems with them crumbling
when I cut the logs of baked dough.

Is it mixing the dough with my food processor that is causing the problem?
Or is it something else -- not baking the logs long enough or not letting
them cool enough before slicing?

I followed the recipes in terms of ingredients, baking times, and cooling
times. I'll be happy to post the recipes I used if need be.


Did the second baking come before or after the cutting?

I think cutting after the first bake then quickly slicing when still
very hot, and afterwards setting in for the second bake would do it.

(From what I recall of Mandelbrot.)

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