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Default Chateau Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Medoc 2007

As Santiago says, France has many different wine regions and the
character of them, like the grapes used, is very different. FWIW Cotes
de Castillon is also made often mostly from Merlot, though both Cabernet
Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are also authorized as principle grapes.

I checked and it is actually merlot. So its an oddball castillon I guess. AS I mentioned, after liking it, I checked out more castillon to no luck, concluded that its just that particular wine I like. gasparde makes a "little brother" at 12E and its very thin and acidic (below my threshold for considering a wine to be real wine.).

This one, check it out if you can find it:

When first opening it, it tastes quite cheap (thin and acidic, almost sparkly soda pop like) but after airing, texture, earthiness and dark disovled berry as I like it comes out.

BTW 20 EU is
quite expensive for a castillon.

Well its the big brother edition.

Another area that might interest you is the south west, Madiran or some
Cahors that are built with a huge amount of tannins (from the Tannat
grape, you can guess how it got its name).

Ive had one madiran before that I found on sale for 16E down from 22E. I liked it. Dont remember which one and its not available anymore. was a kinda small and simple label.

I've had a cahors tasting at my wine club where they had a lot of prince of denmark wines that were all horrible. 70E wine vinegar. Their was a malbec called the "the real malbec" that was the best one at the tasting and it was only 12E. The guy who made hte tasting was not pleased with my review so he convinced me to try another producer from cahors, as he knows my taste is very particular, Rigal:

And it was very very nice.

The danish prince has the winery Chat. de Cayx.