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Default Chateau Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Medoc 2007

Michael Nielsen wrote in

I've had some saint emilions before. Also some fancy primier cru that
the store was so proud of. Horrible. Thin and acidic,yes. its how I
got that idea that thats how french wine is, together with burgundy.
Rhone is different.

In Saint Emilion the base AOC is Saint Emilion Grand Cru. That's mostly
plonk (with exceptions to be found).

Upper level is Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé. This is better.

Then you have Premier Grand Cru Classé A and B. Only a handful. All of
them ultra-uber-premium.

and then the wines closer to the Mediterranean Sea: Languedoc
Roussillon, Rhone Sud, Provence...

I think it is mostly nothern rhone I like. Syrah driven. cotes du
rhone and du pape is not my thing. Or is north/south vice versa? I
used to like cotes du rhone, but my taste changed a bit. I can still
find some I like, but it is probably one bottle per 2 years I get.
Never was satisfied with a chat. du pape (that's the kind of 40E wine
I regret buying - Im much more satisfied with a 100E napa rutherford
cab (price in california) or a 100E supertuscan (price in italy). I
havent tasted a 100E du pape, so maybe Id like that, but Im not going
to risk that unless I have a chance to taste one so I know I would
like it).

Over simplicating:
Northern Rhone = Syrah (Cornas, Saint Joseph...)
Souther Rhone = Grenache and others. (Chateaneauf du Pape...)

Cotes du Rhone is too big of an AOC and wines can come from everywhere
in the Rhone. Try to find producers making Cotes du Rhone mostly with
Syrah and not with Grenache in the blend.

its 10E here, reviews are happy about it. they do mention a funny
thing in the notes: "ox blood".

If you do not like Merlot, avoid the Janasse Terre de Bussiere, since
there is quite a proportion of Merlot in the blend.

LAst time I was in my fav. wine store,
we were talking about my taste and that I think french wine has a
tendency to taste like veal blood (and more acid and thinner than Im
used to in my fav. wines). He also noted that the bourdeuax wines I
prefer have more cabernet then merlot, and those I dont like have more

Which is interesting because in Bordeaux, wines made primarily with
Cabernet Sauvignon are thinner and more acid than the average Merlot
wines and you are supposed to prefer bolder wines.

My guess is that you just love Syrah and Cabernet wines, which can make
sense if you grew your appreciation for red wines in California (Napa,

You should concentrate on wines from those grapes.