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Default On waffles, pancakes, and Laura Ingalls Wilder

Bryan-TGWWW wrote:
On Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 6:10:04 PM UTC-6, tert in seattle wrote:

not sure how I'd vote on Bryan's literary efforts but at least it
has some entertainment value

Did you read Winter's Present? Interestingly, another woman in Seattle
gave it a 1-star review, stating that it was "one of the worst books I've
ever read." I imagine that many folks would feel that way if they read it.

no, sorry, it is a little far down on my reading list

I've taken to advising folks to give it what I call the Mac Arthur's Park
test. Anyone who thinks that MacArthur Park is a beautiful song that
could almost move the person to tears really should read Winter. Likewise,
anyone who thinks that MacArthur Park is so completely awful, that it's
actually good in a twisted way should read it. Everyone else (the majority
of folks) might want to pass on it, though it does have some humor that is
independent of liking the story.

It is free one last time, from midnight to midnight PST on Valentine's Day.


okay I found this

and all I can think is, WHAT THE HELL

not sure where that puts me on your scale

but I will make a mental note of the free offer