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Default Re-painting Le Creuset cookware

On Friday, January 10, 2003 at 7:13:06 AM UTC-5, George Bray wrote:
> Hi
> Does anybody know of a non-toxic and hard wearing paint/enamel which
> it's safe to use on Le Creuset pans, for touching up the enamel?
> I bought several enamelled saucepans from the Le Creuset range about
> ten years back, along with other, much cheaper non-stick pans from
> Tefal, etc. The Le Creuset pans have weathered by far the worst, with
> quite a lot of the cream coloured enamel having chipped off,
> especially around the rims. I'm surprised, because I try to look after
> them. By comparison, none of the non-stick finish has come off the
> other pans.
> Regards
> George

It may be a lifetime warranty - but the warranty is USELESS!!!!!!!!!!! I have a chip in the lid of my stockpot. I called the company to see how i can get this either repaired or replaced. The company policy is that they DO NOT REPLACE LIDS. If I need to have it replaced I have to send the lid and stockpot back to the company oat my cost and if they decide that it is my fault they will trash the stockpot and lid. First of all - the shipping for that item would be around $40 or more. Why in the world would they need the pot when it is just the lid? I talked to 2 customer service reps plus their supervisors about this. I was told the same thing - we do not replace lids!!! This is the most REDICULOUS company policy that I have ever heard of, especially since the items that they sell are so completely overpriced!!!! I am willing to pay for quality, however, the quality of this product and their customer service is totally unacceptable!!!!!!!!