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Default This is how you should wake up!

On 1/11/2015 8:52 AM, pltrgyst wrote:
On 1/11/15 8:51 AM, George Leppla wrote:
Today is my 65th Birthday (and I have the Medicare card to prove it) I
woke up at 6 AM and smelled something baking. Becca had gotten up before
5 AM and made me chocolate ├ęclairs from scratch to have with my coffee....

I've got a few years on you, George, and even now, my wife would rag me
incessantly if I ever had eclairs for breakfast! 8

When my MIL was 84, her sister yelled at her for eating bacon for
breakfast because it was bad for her. Mom replied that at 84, she would
eat anything she wanted to eat and wasn't planning on living forever.
She lived another ten years after that... parsing away in her sleep at 94.

I told her that if I lived to be 84, I would eat bacon dipped in mayo
while smoking a cigar. Only 19 years to go.

George L