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Default This is how you should wake up!

On 1/11/2015 8:20 AM, Pico Rico wrote:

Hey, at your age waking up at all is a good thing!

Truer than you think. 3 grandparents does in their 50's. Mom was 58,
my father died at 42 (both from cancer). My Grandmother lived to be
63.... I was 12 when she passed. And one brother died at 52.

I am the first in my family to make it to 65. The docs tell me that I
am in good shape, no diabetes, no cancers, no heart problems, BP is
usually in the 120's over 80 and my combined cholesterol is around 136.
All this in spite of the fact that I am a very big man. Or as the
cardiologist told me... "For a big man, you are in remarkably good
health. Now lose some weight."

Happy B'day!

Thank you!

George L