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Roy Basan
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Default Biscotti problem

"Anny Middon" wrote in message ...
Before Christmas I made a biscotti recipe from the booklet that came with my
new Cuisinart food processor. The resulting cookies (these were the
twice-baked "dunker" style of biscotti) had great flavor and texture, but
when I sliced the baked log it fell apart somewhat, leaving me with quite a
few broken cookies. I baked them anyway, but it was a bit disappointing.

A couple of weeks ago, I made two other biscotti recipes, again using my
food processor to mix the dough. Again I had problems with them crumbling
when I cut the logs of baked dough.

Is it mixing the dough with my food processor that is causing the problem?
Or is it something else -- not baking the logs long enough or not letting
them cool enough before slicing?

I followed the recipes in terms of ingredients, baking times, and cooling
times. I'll be happy to post the recipes I used if need be.


Anny I have made biscotti by the traditional way( using the mixer) but
we sliced it after twice baked with a very shsrp plain edged knife.A
fine serrated knife will do satisfactorily also but a knife with
coarse serration tends to crumbe the cookie.In addition It should be
cut carefully as even if you are not careful you will tend to crumble
some slices.

If the baked cookie is slightly overbaked in the oven it tends to be
brittle during slicing especially by manual way ,but not a problem if
using machines where we can maintain constant pressure with the
plunger to drive the cookie to the rotating blades.
In the institutional setting we use even the rotating slicer( similar
to the one used for cutting hams,cheese,frozen fish and meat..
How about chilling the already baked cookie before you cut it.
The recipe may be standardized in the equipment manufacturers kitchen
but do you have the same oven as the manufacturer.So you should look
also in this area.
Another question is that recipe size suited for the bowl capacity of
your food processor?you may need to mix it slightly longer( several
seconds more).
An undermixed dough tend to be loose and easily crumbles when cut.
If you had a mixer try that recipe in the standard way and see the
I think it would help if you post the recipe.Maybe we can find some
ways how to improve it...