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Default Byerly's Wild Rice Soup

On 2014-12-16 05:29:19 +0000, Oregonian Haruspex said:
>>> The order of the terms used in this recipe are not consistent and
>>> could be confusing to some people. As an editor yourself I would
>>> think you would consider this bad form.
>>> -sw

>> Yep. Certainly wouldn't work as written. The wild rice that I cooked
>> yesterday called for 2 cups of broth to 1/2 cup of rice. And it wasn't
>> soup.

> It would work as written. Properly done, this soup is very thick
> indeed. Almost a rice casserole in texture.

Which is why I am not a fan. If I want hotdish, I'll make hotdish. If
I want soup, I make soup.
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