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Default infused vodka?

On 2014-12-09 9:25 AM, James Silverton wrote:

I quite like pepper vodka ie. infused with *hot* peppers. I did once try
a little of the pepper after infusing and there was not much taste or
hotness left.

Incidentally, I drink the vodka Russian style; keep the bottle in the
freezer and quickly pour and drink a shot.

On rare occasions I have an ice cold shot of vodka. I keep it in the
freezer and pour myself about a one oz. shot. It is an interesting
sensation. I claim no expertise about vodka. Some people claim there are
differences between good vodka and cheap vodka but IFAAC, it is all
basically distilled and filtered to rid it of any tastes.

I also keep a bottle of Akvavit in the freezer and have shots of that
when we have Scandinavian visitors or to have with smoked eel.