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Default Meat is not my friend.

"Lucky" wrote in message
Peanut butter. The old fashioned style, like Laura Scudders of Adams. Or
you can do what I sometimes do and go to your local health food store and
grind your own. It is a great protein provider and tasty too. Experiment
with what you can add to it. Cinnamon is one of my faves. Mashed fruit is
good a little sugary but makes up for it with vitamins. It goes great with
celery of course. If you can afford your own grinder you might experiment
with other nuts. I eat a lot of chicken and fish as I'm not a vegetarian.
But beef is best taken in small quanitities. Good luck with your
vegetarian diet. Although I've never tried it, I've thought about it


I eat peanut butter occasionally but it is high in fat and doesn't work so
well for me. I have to limit nuts and seeds.