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Default Cooking Pasta in Sauce

On 2014-09-26, Opinicus wrote:
On a recent episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers" Martha Stewart
prepared "One-Pot" linguini with tomatoes and basil, which involved
making a quick sauce with cherry onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and
basil then adding several cups of water followed by raw linguini.
Simmer until done. The whole dish takes less than ten minutes.

I've posted a clip in alt.binaries.multimedia cooking:
Subject: Martha's "One-Pot" linguini with tomatoes and basil

I once saw Emeril do so something like this with lasagna noodles many
years ago. The raw pasta is allegedly cooked in the sauce. I find this
technique hard to believe. Has anyone ever tried it? What's the result

I have always cooked pasta in sauce; the only problem is adjusting
the amount of liquid, which often involves watching it to see if
it is necessary to add water if needed. However, if cheese is to
be used, add it at the end. But make sure the liquid is at a
boil before adding the pasta.

Alternatively, one can use the "pilaf" method. Brown onion and
other sauce ingredients (no liquid) and on low heat, coat the
pata with this; then add boiling liquid. Again, if cheese is
used, add this on low heat only.

No nutrients are lost in the cooking liquid this way.

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