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Default TN: old rose, dull NY wine, and a few better wines

With sweet potato/kale/white bean korma, the 2010 Stein "Aldegunder Himmelreich" Kabinett Feinherb. Citrusy, slatey, sharp, for my tastes this could use just a touch more sugar to counter the acidity. B-

With leftovers (duck breast, korma,cauliflower) and salad, the 2009 Desvignes "Javernieres" Morgon. A bit tight at first, showing tannin and some red fruit but seemingly coiled, opens up nicely. Sappy, sapid, juicy red and black cherries. earth, mocha, I like this a lot, and it holds up well for 2 days. B+/A-

Wednesday was the start of the local weekly jazz concerts. Riverfront park is closed for renovation of the seawall so concerts are on lawn outside Estherwood, a cool mansion on a local school's property. I carried grilled shrimp over lettuce, sable, and a watermelon/feta salad , plus we shared some wine:

2013 Burlotto "Viridis' Sauvignon Blanc (Langhe)
I'm a Burlotto fan but had never seen this before, I thought it a clean midbodied non-grassy SB, but without anything distinctively Piedmont, and wrote B- when I got home. But what did I expect to find distinctively Piedmont in a SB? Restasting over next 2 nights I liked more- a rather full style of Sauvignon Blanc but with supporting acids, sweet apples and gooseberry, nice texture, good length. B/B+

2013 Umathum "Rosa"
Riper/fuller style of rose, I wish I'd served with more appropriate food- this would have been good with the duck salad. Hint of sweetness, lots of body, a masculine rose. B

2012 Piron Coteaux Bourguignons
All Gamay. Peppery, spicy, cranberry fruit,tart, not very long. B-

2001 Robert Weil Kabinett Halbtrocken
When Weil is mentioned I tend to focus on complaining re prices, but frankly they are almost always VG wines. This has held up well at 13- citrus, mineral, ginger, just a whisper of a lemonade sweetness. Nice finish, drinks well for 2 nights, no hurry on these. B+

2012 Muga Rosado
Sure this was probably fine last summer, but don't buy most roses by the case unless you're going to go through it quick. Flat, cherry, short. C/C+

Thursday was some grilled sausages and leftover wine. Friday was Copper River sockeye (I love the king, but this was well priced), squash, and salad, wine was the 2006 Gouges Bourgogne. Surprising tannin for a Bourgogne (well, maybe not for Gouges), takes a while to open up. Black cherries, earth, some coffee and mushroom with time. The tannins remain pretty firm, taking away from an otherwise charming little wine. On day 2 the tannin was less apparent, but fruit seems faded and some oxidative notes. B

Tonight was scallops over pasta, cooking/sauce wine was the 2011 Benmarl Dry Riesling (Hudson Valley, NY). Sweeter than the halbtrocken (more Slushee than lemonade), clean, could use more zip, not especially Rieslingesque. B-/C+

Couldn't face as the dinner wine, opened the 2010 Schiopetto Friulano (Collio)
Honeysuckle and pear on nose, peaches on palate with a nice bitter almond note on finish. B

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.