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On Mon, 19 May 2014 17:00:27 -0400, Mark Lipton wrote:

On 5/19/14 11:28 AM, Gordon MacPherson wrote:
We are off by car to Chinon for a week in July and I would welcome
suggestions for reliable, not too expensive producers (around the £5-10
($7-15) mark) in Chinon and the surrounding areas. Mainly interested in
reds but suggestions for good value dessert wines also welcome.

How's your French? Domaine Bernard Baudry would be tops on my list and
I know that the son speaks English. Other domaines whose wines I like
are Charles Joguet, Olga Raffault and Les Roches (Jerome Lenoir), but I
know nothing about whether they speak English.

I'll second Baudry, although I think they're a little expensive perhaps.
Honestly there's not a lot of good Chinon around at 5‚¬ any more, entry
level will be around 7-8. Yes, Matthieu Baudry speaks fine English. If
you're in Cravant-les-Coteaux you could also try the somewhat less
expensive Patrick Lambert and Jacques Spelty, both within a couple of
hundred meters of Baudry.

Chinon is a large appellation, if you're in the other side of it (Ligré)
I'd recommend Ch. de Ligré, the rose, rouge domaine and rouge Roche St.
Paul are all very good.