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Default Are you ready for Easter?

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I realize that not everyone here celebrates Easter and our family
(husband excepted) really only celebrates Spring and bunnies and flowers
and stuff like that as we aren't really religious. But it is a good
excuse to get the family together. Because we can't seem to do that very
often any more.

I'm one who celebrates Easter, when I was a kid it was a favorite because
we girls always got a pretty dress and patent leather shoes for Easter
Services. The boys got nice slacks, white shirts, and boy shoes. We
usually had lamb and ham with lots of good side dishes. My grandmother
always lived with us, so she made lots of fun stuff for us. This year,
we're having ham, lamb, and several side dishes. DIL will bring dessert
and since they are pretty much low carb too it will be something that all
of us can enjoy. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it. I'm sure your
family will appreciate the Easter Pies.

I always got the dress too. And usually white shoes, a new purse, hat,
gloves and perhaps some jewelry. My mom always had me wear bracelets and
necklaces but I wasn't allowed to pierce my ears until I was 16.