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Default Poblano peppers

I went to Cub Foods yesterday to get some poblanos (rather than use the
jalapeņos I had already) to make a turkey enchilada hotdish for a church
potluck -- I didn't want the dish to be too hot for the elderly
Norwegians. I was chopping and mixing everything, and I ate a piece of
poblano. It was hot, almost like a jalapeņo. It was too late to take
them out, although at least I caught it with just 1 1/2 peppers in the
dish rather than all 3 that I bought. There were enough bland
ingredients mixed with it that I had no idea whether it would turn out
hot or not, so I warned people that it *might* be hot, I really didn't

The dish smelled hot, but actually just had a little heat to it. Most
people took a tiny portion, but then went back for 2nds and 3rds. I
almost didn't have to wash the pan afterward, it was licked clean; this
was a big 4 liter lasagna pan heaping full, and a just small group of

I need to go back to Cub and get more of those peppers for make chile