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Default Corned Beef

"jmcquown" wrote in message
On 11/16/2013 12:02 PM, Ophelia wrote:

"Gary" wrote in message
Ophelia wrote:

I just read that corned beef comes from cattle raised on maize. I
though it referred to the corns of salt which was used to help preserve
Can anyone elucidate please?

Corned beef, fish....corned anything refers to soaking it in a
super-saturated salt brine before putting away.

Is it first salted and then dried?

Has nothing to do with
the vegetable corn.

Thanks, Gary. That is how I understood it too but I wasn't sure. I've
never seen that here, the only corned beef we get is canned and is very

You can make your own, if you've a mind to. Here's a step-by-step with
pictures of the process for a 5 lb. brisket:

Thank you very much for that! We might just give it a try! Can I ask ...
later in
the recipe it says 'cover' with one inch of water ??? Does that literally
mean cover it completely with water, with one inch extra water extra over
top of the meat ... Also, all that pickling spices, does it make it very