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Default What cereal to eat for Breakfast?

"Todd" wrote in message
On 10/05/2013 07:03 AM, David Sharad wrote:

Breakfast is considered as a first meal of the day. Don't skip breakfast
it is very important to improve health.There are many different kinds of
cereal including cheerios, cocoa puffs, honey bunches of oats, fiber
one, lucky charms, cookie crisp, fruity pebbles and fruit loops. These
are best cereals to eat for breakfast.
'Tacoma personal trainer' (


This is a * Diabetic group *. If you eat this garbage for
any meal you will be a Diabetic too. If you are diabetic
already, and eat this trash, start researching prosthetic
limbs, dialysis, heart disease, kidney failure.

No diabetic should eat ANY GRAIN. And you should get your
fiber from the plants you eat. You should only eat
natural/organic meat and plants that have not been hybridized
for high carbs.

And, if you don't want diabetes, eat like us. And DUDE,
learn to cook!

Eating cereal doesn't cause diabetes!