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Brian Mailman
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Default Fermented Pickle Problem?

Joe Sallustio wrote:

I used:

24 pounds of pickling cucumbers
3 cups pickling salt (Morton)
1.5 cups 5% distilled vinegar

Erf, can't help you on this. I've never fermented pickles with vinegar
added so since I have no experience with that I can't say what the
difficulty is. I've seen recipes where one adds it for storage after
fermentation, though, even though even if I've not tried that, either.

Does any of this look way off kilter to you? Assuming 1 tbs salt is
1/2 ounce I may be ok from your values. I wonder if I used 2 gallons
of water instead of 3?

Lessee... 3 gallons is 48 cups, so that's 48 tbsp of salt, minus a
couple for "scant" maybe. Let's say 45 for a guestimate. So that's
roughly 24-25 ounces (giving 1/2 ounce per tablespoon) and that's the
three cups. That part's fine.

I dunno. Like I said, I'm not familiar with fermenting cukes in vinegar
(I make B&B pickles but those are processed in a vinegar brine, not
fermented) so I await to hear what those with greater experience with