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Originally Posted by Todd View Post
On 07/15/2013 02:21 PM, bigwheel wrote:
Guess the Eyetalian part of the family tree is not large enough to
develop a taste for eggplant. Never even tasted one till I was fully
grown. They always looked sorta weird.

Hi Big,

My "Eyetalian part" would be my mom's side. Yours?

There is a difference between fully grown and too old.
If you get them from a local farm, ask the farmer and
he will show you (as one did me) how to pick them.
Be careful, the buzzards have thorns! (At my
local farm, they go so quick, they never get too old.)

The local farms said they would have some in a week
or two. I will be begging for advice on how to
cook them when that happens. I got the pressure
cooker down, but not the frying.

Oh ya, and egg plant tastes like heck (not the
actual word I was thinking) when it is not grown
properly and sits on a shelf forever. Find a CSA farm.


Maybe next year, I will try growing them.
Never been to an egg plant farm. Think our horticulture folks are concentrating on growing guv'ment subsidized corn so Alfgore and Obie can waste it making ethanol to damage our cars. Wacky tobaccy seems to be other big cash crop in these parts.