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Default Blueberries!

On 14/07/2013 5:10 AM, Gary wrote:

A friend of mine in Connecticut has 2 bushes in his yard. He mentioned how
most years the birds and the chipmunks ate them all so this year he netted
He said, "To just glance at the bushes, you might think there was maybe
a quart there. But looks are deceptive I guess... wife has been working
hours and hours on it over the last couple weeks, and she must have picked
at least 10 quarts by now"!

The first year I had a crop of blueberries I watched them develop
slowly. One day I thought they would be ready to harvest in a day or
two. Some critters apparently thought they were good enough then because
the next day they were all gone. I netted them with a 1/2" chicken
wire.... not good enough.