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Default ?Poblano!

Todd wrote:
: Sounds like you got some good peppers. There are directions in the link
: for charring them in an electric oven on broil sitting on a cookie sheet
: seems like. Are you saying you only have the cook top maybe? That could
: get a bit messy. If all else fails head to Wally World and snag a
: propane braising torch. Thats how Wolfgang Puck does it..most
: Mama should not get lit up too bad..just use the peppers
: sparingly till you get a handle on the heat levels. About the only time
: they make me break a sweat is putting a whole split one on a burger.
: Prob just slice up a little for a girly burger.

: Hi Bigwheel,

: Thank you!

: "propane braising torch": interesting. I wonder if ...

: A customer told me to soak Jalapenos in milk for 10 minutes to
: rid the fire. Maybe for a "girly burger"?

: -T

Don'tknow about that name. Most of the hot pepper eaters I know are
women. Don't sell us females short and use that propane torch outside!

Wendy-who uses anchos in soups to given them a gentle pick-up