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Default Coolest salt shaker ever

notbob wrote:

I jes ordered my Bug-A-Salt gun:

I douched 2 wasps yesterday with Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer ...inside
my house! I fear wasps even more than spiders, probably cuz I was
almost stung to death by a nest of 'em when I was 4 yrs old. Anyway,
CO is positively lousy with the damn things and I'm tired of hosing
down my interior windows with poisinous insecticides. Soooo... I got
me a Bug-A-Salt gun.

I've been wanting one of these things for 2 yrs, but they were one of
those crowd funded projects that hadda be finalized and brought to
mkt, etc. They look pretty solid, now, so I ordered one. It was
created to kill flies, but youtube vids claim they will down a wasp.
Count me in! If regular table salt won't do the trick, I'll load it
with kosher salt. Must be like buckshot to a fly or wasp. OBfood:
Who knows, I may even use it on food. Take aim at a bowl of beans and
blast away. I can't wait. Literally. I think I'll make up a mess o'
ham n' butter beans, today.

$$$$ saving tip:

Use the coupon code. I did and it saved me the $10 shipping fee.
Looks like the codes on fleecebook work, currently. That's where I
googled mine. Today's code: ARMPOPS (how appropriate)

Die, fly!! Burn in Hell, you stripey assed bastid! LOL....


LMAO! I looked at that website. The gun looks very cool! hahaha