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Default Need Salmon help

I buy cuts of salmon, filleted so no bones. Spray some foil with olive
oil and put the unskinned salmon on top of the foil. I then put whatever
seasonings I like lemon, fresh chopped dill, garlic, lime slices,
butter, fresh ginger, crushed tomatoes or whatever else I fancy. Not all
of those ingredients at once. Then I fold the foil over the top of the
fish like a little tent and cook on low heat for maybe 10 minutes. I
check it for doneness at that point. If it needs longer I might do 3-4
minutes and check again. Never goes dry that way. Oh, and I don't flip.

"Todd" wrote in message ...

Hi All,


A customer of mine gave me two flash frozen salmon fillets
from his fishing trip to Alaska. They are ocean caught fish (not
in a stream yet).

Okay, here is the problem. I know I like salmon as I
like "other people's" salmon. Mine always comes out dry
and fishy. I stink at salmon.

Please save me from myself. I don't want to destroy yet
another piece of fish, especially such a rare treat as
this! How do I cook this thing and what seasoning do I use?

I only have a saute pan available (no grills, ovens etc.).

Some questions that come to mind:

1) do I skin them?

2) I usually use a pair of needle nose pliers to
pull out any remaining bones. Does this do
something bad to the meat? (The meat tears a

3) what do I cook it in? Butter? A little or a lot?

4) when to flip it?

5) how hot to cook it?

Spices available (please don't recommend any mixes: too
many allergies involved -- I have to use single organic spices):
real lemon juice
real lime juice
S & P
some others (peppers, etc.)

As I previously states, please save me from myself!

Many thanks,